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 Mission 1: Steal Rowan's Research

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PostSubject: Mission 1: Steal Rowan's Research   Sat Mar 19, 2016 9:32 pm

Welcome. You are about to embark on your first mission in Team Galactic. You will be traveling to Jubilife City to steal Rowan's important Pokemon research.

- create a team on Pokemon Showdown with all your Pokemon. Make sure they are exact! Do not level up or change any of your current Pokemon
- search through the chats and find Pr0fess0rR0wan
- battle him
- if you win, he will hand over his documents
- save Rowan's research documents
- upload them on Mediafire
- link them below in a comment

If you complete this mission successfully, you will receive $200 cash and 100 experience.
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Mission 1: Steal Rowan's Research
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